After iOS 10 has been released, I was curious to control my local Homebridge devices and Philips Hue lamps directly via Apple’s Home app. While the setup was quite easy, I was frustrated that the “Automation” tab was displaying me an info, that I need an Apple TV 4 or any iOS 10 iPad to work as the control center.

But there’s a solution to make an Apple TV 3 your (semi) command center. Download a third party HomeKit app, (I’d recommend Eve) and create a scene. Once you’ve done this, switch back to the Home app and the scene will appear under your “Automation” tab. You can now setup new scenes and events and even control them via Siri with iOS 9 devices.

Please note, your Apple TV still doesn’t send requests automatically—it’s your iOS 10 device since tvOS 4 isn’t installed. But if your Home app is running, the tasks will get triggered.

Marco Raddatz

Marco Raddatz


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